5th Pan-African Forum on Migration (Cairo – EGYPT)

After Accra (Ghana) in 2015, Lusaka (Zambia) in 2016, Kampala (Uganda) in 2017 and Djibouti in 2018, it is North Africa’s turn to host the 5th Pan-African Forum on Migration. From September 14th to 16th, 2019, nearly 250 representatives of African Union member States will meet in Cairo, Egypt, to discuss African migration. This year’s forum will focus on: “Strengthening Migration Data and Research for evidence-based policy development and implementation towards effective migration governance in Africa“.

The Pan-African Forum on Migration is an initiative of the African Union (AU) in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). It provides a space for discussion and experiences sharing among African Union member States, Regional Economic Communities, international organizations, civil society organizations, the private sector, academia and trade unions. The ultimate aim of PAFOM is to improve the governance of migration in Africa.

Apart from the two-day meeting of Senior Officials and Experts on migmigration, the fifth edition of PAFOM will be marked by a day of ministerial meeting during which important issues on the governance of migration in Africa will be addressed. In order to better express the positions of the African civil society during the forum, the West African Observatory on Migrations wishes to collect your contributions on migration issues to challenge the authorities present at the forum. Please send us your contributions or just an indication of the subject that you think is important to address by email to: contact@obsmigration.com or samirabi.pro@gmail.com . We hope to have your proposals before September 12, 2019 to better prepare our interventions.

For the Observatory

The Permanent Secretary

Samir ABI

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